Synchronized Refills

Try Foster Corner Drug’s SYNC program and save

Do you take multiple routine prescriptions for medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, COPD, or arthritis? Did you know that missing doses or not taking them regularly means you are not getting the most benefit from your medication?

Whether you need help remembering your refills, or simply want the convenience of picking all your medications up in one trip, Foster Corner Drug’s SYNC program is a great way for our staff to help you! Talk to one of our friendly pharmacists today to get signed up!

How the Synchronized Refills (SYNC) Program Works

Step 1

Contact us to sign up for the program. At this time you can choose a monthly refill date for your routine prescriptions.

Step 2

A week prior to your refill date you will receive a call from our staff to verify the accuracy of your prescriptions.

Step 3

We work with your prescriber and insurance company to ensure your prescriptions are accurate and ready on time.

Step 4

Your prescriptions are ready for pickup or delivery on your refill date saving you time and giving you piece of mind.

Call (580) 336-2136 and Enroll Today

Never worry about running out of your prescription again. Save time and gain peace of mind with Foster Corner Drug’s SYNC Rx Program.

A convenient way to have all your prescriptions filled on the same day each month.